Welcome to this site dedicated to Chimneys of Light !


An individual, collective and global transformation is under way - we can say that the earth is awakening! - and each of us can choose to support this process of energy elevation.

The Chimney of Light is a simple and efficient way to accompany this movement. Its concept has been known and used since time immemorial through the universal principle of the Axis, but is today transmitted in a form updated and accessible to all.

The Chimney of Light relays two essential functions:

  - that of care (or cleaning) of places and people.

  - that of connection with the other planes of consciousness.


We created this site because we believe in the need for networking and collaboration (which we have been experimenting with for many years!). It also seems important to us today to bring information and tools to the increasing number of people who understand the necessity of restoring the integrity of the planet.

We are all invited to assume the role of "guardians of the earth"!


You will find on this site information about the origins, main functions and installation process of the Chimneys of Light.