About us


An engaged couple which transmits a teaching.


Therapists for more than 30 years, we have been eager to reunite knowledge in modern psychotherapy and traditional approaches to energy care and spiritual healing.

This vocation was born during our adolescent years of a twofold conviction: that our world had begun a profound change (whose political revolutions were only a metaphor) and that we were there to accompany this process of consciousness liberation.

Thus, we felt very early on committed, both on our own path of evolution but also in the service of this vast collective transformation.

Because of this commitment and our experience, we give support to what we call "the Way of Life", a path that is universal, practical and up-to-date, without any dogmatic or religious aspect. We are not linked to any organization or religion but honor all the authentic traditions of the earth.

At the beginning of the 2000s, we began to broadcast a specific teaching concerning the Axis and the Chimneys of Light, discovering and experimenting since then with their extraordinary potential.

This transmission is done through an initiatory school called Coeur-Thérapeute.


And a coherent group, serving the planet


Today, we are surrounded by a group of committed people, mostly therapists, who themselves have benefited from a deep work of inner healing as well as sustained spiritual training.

Together, thanks to the principle of the Chimneys of Light which is an essential Axis, we continue to receive a multi-faceted teaching and do our best to serve the planet.

We can intervene individually or collectively according to what is required but always in collaboration - in the vertical axis as well as the horizontal plane !