Care function for places


 Atmosphere and energy quality of a place


Most people are sensitive to the energy quality of a place, whether consciously or unconsciously. There are places where one feels spontaneously good, "it breathes", "it's light". One can feel that certain places of dwelling or worship are imbued with an atmosphere of love, warmth and elevation, a vibration that welcomes us. There are others, though, that we perceive as cluttered and charged with past events...

Indeed, places carry memories, essentially energy prints left by the inhabitants. Through their thoughts and emotions, human beings unconsciously generate a structuring, a colouring of the ambient energy, and these emotional and psychic creations are real energetic forms, visible on the subtle level. They can appear as clouds, or heterogeneous forms that are often gray and dark.

It also happens that a place is disturbed by one or more "wandering souls" or "entities" considered to be part of the psychic and emotional body of a person who has lived on the scene.


In the same way that it is necessary to clean the house, a place should be regularly cleaned, in terms of energy, especially all the psychic slag left by human activity !


The Chimney of Light is an energy aerator...


Whatever the source of energy congestion, there is the possibility of evacuating it and restoring transparency and - this is one of the primary functions of the Chimney of Light which is above all a "vacuum cleaner of polluted places".

When a Chimney of Light is opened and maintained, the place is naturally aerated energetically and the elements can be evacuated either towards the earth or towards the sky where they return to neutrality.


...that needs to be maintained...

To be effective and perform its function of renewing the air of a house, a VMC must operate almost permanently and needs to be maintained to prevent it from becoming dirty and deteriorated. In the same way, the Chimney of Light must be active and maintained regularly to conserve its effectiveness. Otherwise it can clog up with non-evacuated energy elements and possibly close.


The installation and maintenance of a Chimney of Light requires that the person be accompanied and trained in this art. More detailed information is provided in our training proposals which include mandatory knowledge about energetic bodies and planes of consciousness.


 Healing function


The Chimney of Light is a precious aid for therapists because it allows elements liberated by the healing process to be evacuated (rendering it unnecessary for the therapist to transmute them him- or herself).

The simple presence of an active Chimney of Light allows the aura of a person to be cleansed, reducing sensations of fatigue, body pain or emotional excess.

Group meditations [1] around a Chimney of Light are therefore moments of collective healing as well as alignment and connection.