Opening a Chimney of Light and the function of Guardian


Presentation of the installation process


To open a Chimney of Light supposes an intention (request formulated by the inhabitants of the place), a collaboration (with other planes of consciousness and subject to accreditation) * and a commitment to maintain it (see below).


We always start with a guided time of centering, alignment and bringing participants together.

Then, the fact that the inhabitants of the place pose their intention(s) generally allows the energy process to begin (energy follows thought) as well as the collaboration of the Beings who are at the service of the energy of the Earth.

In "Coeur-Thérapeute" circles, we have been trained for a long time and "accredited" to work with certain "subtle teams" who intervene according to the necessities of the process.


Next we can observe its implementation :

Once open, the Chimney of Light begins naturally absorbing elements present in the energy space of the place (like a hood on the material level!...).

During the process, there may be impediments (energetic blockages related to the energy configuration or the memories of the place) that require care, cuts and clearances for which we appeal to the support of the subtle planes.


The installation of a Chimney of Light necessarily brings about an initial cleaning and an energetic transformation of the place which happens over several days and which will probably impact the inhabitants of the place. Drainage is in progress.


The general feeling after a few days should be positive with a feeling of lightening but, in the first days, a sensation of change of landmarks may manifest.

This first installation lasts approximately 1h30. The process will go to the point it can go to on that particular day!

It is usual that one or more other sessions may be required, especially if it is an old habitat. Memories "come back" little by little, just as the earth sometimes brings old objects back to the surface.


* Any form of care and more generally of manifestation requires the intervention of forms of consciousness present on the subtle planes (Beings of Enlightenment, Angelic Fraternities...)

We ourselves are present in other planes during the opening process.


The maintenance of the Chimney of Light


A Chimney of Light must be "guarded" in the sense that a guardian - usually an inhabitant of the place - undertakes to maintain it regularly.


This person is in relay of the Guardian (s) of the place. This guardian belongs to the subtle plane and generally appears during the installation process.

To maintain a Chimney of Light means reactivating it regularly (for example once a week). Training is necessary to be guardian of a CL.

Just as you clean your house regularly, it's a good idea to clean up your home on a regular basis with regards its energy (for example once a week). Indeed, we constantly generate "energetic encumbrances" (thought forms, emotions) that may remain on the spot, influence our behavior and veil our connections.


An unmaintained Chimney of Light closes after a certain time so take care of it! But do not worry, it can be re-opened…